We provide several services to help you improve the international communication skills of your employees

(program proposals available on request):

Intercultural business communication skills: Helping you to understand and take advantage of cultural differences worldwide

German-French Management: How can the incredible synergy which exists between these two cultures best be exploited?

Expatriate preparation: Helping Expatriates and their families towards a successful integration in their new environment
  and culture ("Living and Working in...")

Multi-cultural teambuilding: Bringing team members on the same wavelengths

Intercultural Conferences: Conceiving and defining customized dynamic presentations with just a pinch of humor if required  

International Leadership Coaching

* Powerful Presentations: Learn efficient techniques for powerful and convincing presentations

Leadership Trainings

* Neuroscience and Inclusion: speeches and workshops

Neuroscience and trust building for leaders


* Interviewing 

* Perception

* Effective communication

* Story-telling in business

* Conflict Management

* Change Management

* Creativity & Innovation

* Self-Coaching Workshops 

* Team coaching

* Give and receive feedback

* Assertiveness Trainings

* Appreciative communication

* Influencing without authority

* Career Coaching through our separate company Open-i-Coaching

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