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We provide several services to help you improve the international communication skills of your employees

As certified online trainer, we provide most of these trainings also as interactive online trainings. 

(program proposals available on request):

Intercultural business communication skills: Helping you to understand and take advantage of cultural differences worldwide

Focus on several countries possible (Germany, France, USA, Poland, Sweden, Norway, India, China, ...)

German-French Management: How can the incredible synergy which exists between these two cultures best be exploited?

Expatriate preparation: Helping Expatriates and their families towards a successful integration in their new environment and culture ("Living and Working in...")

Multi-cultural teambuilding: Bringing team members on the same wavelengths

Intercultural Conferences: Conceiving and defining customized dynamic presentations with just a pinch of humor if required  

International Leadership Coaching

* Powerful Presentations: Learn efficient techniques for powerful and convincing presentations

Leadership Trainings

* Neuroscience and Inclusion: speeches and workshops

Neuroscience and trust building for leaders


* Interviewing 

* Perception

* Effective communication

* Story-telling in business

* Conflict Management

* Change Management

* Creativity & Innovation

* Self-Coaching Workshops 

* Team coaching

* Give and receive feedback

* Career Coaching through our separate company Open-i-Coaching

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